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Wine Tours Temecula Wine and San Diego Country

Temecula Wine Country Tours via Five Star Tours & Charter Bus Company is the best way to visit and taste the different wineries of San Diego and Temecula County.  Temecula Wine Country has 25 different wineries on 2 routes, California Rancho Road or DePortola Road.  Most of the older wineries are on California while the newer ones are located on DePortola.   Five Star Tours offers luxury large, mid to small size motor coaches to transport you and your guests from San Diego to Temecula and enjoy the wine country.  We recommend you visit 3 to 4 wineries along any particular route and choose a sit down restaurant or picnic lunch.  Ride in style and enjoy a movie or drink some champagne to get your taste buds ready for your quick getaway!

Five Star Tours is a member of the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association.  We work hard to ensure all our guests have a great experience with us.  As members, we are given some priority to ensure our admission to the wineries, however most require advance reservations due to the popularity of wine tasting. 

Five Star Tours favorite wineries:

  • Cougar Winery
  • Keyways Winery
  • La Cereza Winery
  • Ponte Family Winery
  • Leonesse Winery
  • Callaway Winery
  • Thorton Winery
  • Wiens Family Winery

Here are a few suggestions on what Five Star Tours can provide you:

  • Safe, reliable luxury motor coach transportation
  • On-Site assistance or guide services
  • Temecula Valley guide maps
  • Restaurant and winery recommendations
  • Drinking onboard (no kegs allowed!)


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