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Wedding Motor Coach

Five Star Tours is helping alleviate wedding day unpredictability by providing brides and grooms in San Diego, Southern California or Baja, Mexico with a convenient wedding transportation motorcoach. Many times, weddings can turn into logistical nightmares for the wedding party and their guests. No more problems with bad weather, exhaustion, and getting lost between the ceremony and reception because Five Star Tours wedding motorcoaches are changing all of that!

Five Star Tours provides guests a chauffeured experience with safe, professional, knowledgeable drivers.

Several reasons why you should choose wedding motorcoaches:

  • Let Go of Parking and Traffic Woes

No one wants to deal with traffic, roadmaps, backseat drivers, distractions and parking on their wedding day. You and your guests, particularly the elderly, disabled or out-of-town guests, will appreciate having a professional driver behind the wheel.

  • Find the Time to Socialize with Your Guests

Use the time traveling by motorcoach to socialize with friends and visit with relatives who have traveled to enjoy your special day. They will thank you for freeing them from the burden and expense of renting cars, driving in formal attire, or finding directions in a city they are unfamiliar with. In addition, many families appreciate the opportunity, away from the festivities, to meet the other side of the family and other guests.

  • Minimize the Uncertainties of Weather

There's no substitute for the tremendous convenience of door-to-door service. Your motorcoach can pick you up and drop you off precisely where you want to be, allowing you and your guests to remain warm and dry in the case of inclement weather.

  • Rely Upon the Safe Arrival of Guests

In the professional motorcoach industry, there is nothing more important than safety. The worries associated with assigning designated-drivers, driving conditions, and guests unfamiliar with the roads do not need to be part of your wedding day. A professional motorcoach company can relieve you of this unnecessary stress.

  • Give Special Attention to Out-of-Town Guests

If you like to take care of every detail and have lots of out-of-town guests who might not be able to make the journey otherwise, a motorcoach can be the answer. When you factor in the expense out-of-town relatives may have renting cars and paying for their own transportation, a motorcoach can be the gift that you decide to give your guests. Hire a motorcoach to pick up guests and bring them to the wedding. You'll save them money, hassle, and you won't have the headache of waiting for everyone to arrive while hoping that nobody gets lost.

We provide wedding motorcoaches at least 50 times per year. The best time to book your motorcoach is at least 6 months prior to your special date so we can ensure a timely response to any of your requests. We create a special wedding package just for you when chartering our motorcoaches.  We can provide an on-site coordinator to ensure everything goes well, on-board refreshments and entertainment, and last but not least detailed decoration of the coach`s interior and exterior to suit your wedding style! 

For more information please call us at 619 232 5040.

Other transportation services we can provide for you and your guests:

  • Airport transportation
  • Wedding rehearsal transportation
  • City tours for out-of-town guests
  • Special weekend wedding packages available! 

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