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Going Green

Five Star Tours & Charter Bus Company is doing its best to be committed to our environment by conservation and sustainability practices within our services.  We have taken great strides in ensuring that all transportation services are "green".  When we talk about "green", we mean it!


Travleing by Bus is Green

Believe it or not, Traveling by bus is the most energy efficient mode of transportation in the world.  Motor coach travel takes away more than 50 cars off the freeway and reduces emission levels by a significant percentage. 


Our Green Mission


"To become the leader in sustainable motor coach travel through our efforts to conserve and protect our environment with our partners for future generations to come"


We have established several initiatives to ensure that our business pratices are green such as:


  • Motor Coach Service- we educate our staff and drivers to consume less fuel by idling less.  We have a company policy that no bus should idle for more than five minutes.  We also wash our buses with biodegradable detergents.  We also use GPS mapping services so our buses don't travel more and thus use less fuel.
  • Energy Reduction- this objective strives for our operations to reduce our energy consumptions from the office, warehouse, and mechanic yard.  We ensure to turn off all electric items inside our offices, motorcoaches and yard.  We use all energy efficient supplies inside our building.  We also ensure all our staff is educated about the importance of reducing energy.
  • Recycling- this objective is met by the constant reuse and recycling of parts and supplies within our organization.
  • Emissions Reduction-see Motor Coach Service
  • BioFuel Program- this objective is being met by our motorcoaches starting to use a combined fuel solution of biodiesel with regular diesel.  This program does cost more than using regular diesel, however with our Travel Green Bus Initative we are pledging to become a green motor coach leader.

Travel Green Bus Program is our new innovative program aim to educate our clients about the benefits of traveling on motor coaches.  We plan to take this new initiative not only to our clients but to our local schools and communities within the USA and Mexican borders and take a more interactive approach for our future to look at group transportation.


To learn more about this program, please contact us at 619.232.5040 or


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