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Welcome to Southern California Beach culture and discover the beauty of what San Diego is really all about. This tour will take you to an adventuress beach discovery as we explore the beautiful La Jolla.  If you come to San Diego to enjoy the summer this tour is a must for you!

La Jolla is the most scenic beach in San Diego

Enjoy a complete day in the picturesque La Jolla. The neighborhood houses the most scenic coastal landscape in California. Marine life is also omnipresent there. The tour will start with around the coves and we will pass at seal beach. After that walk the group will have some free time to get a lunch.

Afterwards, we will head to take a panoramic view to Mount Soledad Which is the highest coastal elevation on the west coast!

We will also stop by at the world famous golf course of Torrey Pines favorite playground of Tiger Woods.
We will also make a quick stop at the glide port which also offer amazing views of Black Beach one of the most famous surf spot of southern California.
Operating days : Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 5pm

Prices: Adult        Child (3-11)
              $69           $59
(Includes round trip transporation and guided tour of famous San Diego beaches, piers and landmarks)
*the paddle board may have an additional fee, bike, skateboard or body board are included in the tour price

Sample Itinerary
  • 11:00 AM- Depart San Diego for Beach City Tour
  • 10:30 PM Arrival & Tour of La Jolla
  • 01:30 PM- Depart Beach Area for San Diego Pick Up Locations or Tour Options Begins
  • 05:00 PM- Arrival in San Diego Pick Up Location